HEaTED partner with Anthias Consulting to promote technical training courses

3 January 2023

HEaTED are pleased to announce a collaboration with Anthias Consulting Ltd to provide their members with a 15% discount on Anthias scheduled courses in analytical science techniques.

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Anthias Consulting provides training courses for technical professionals at all stages of their careers. Their range of courses cover technique and instrument training in gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, sample preparation techniques, spectroscopy, and techniques used in the determination of physical and structural properties of molecules. 

Anthias are independent and aim to bridge the gap between instrument manufacturers and the end users of the instruments. Anthias’ classroom-based courses contain the theory of each technique covering in detail how the separation or analysis works. The courses are modular in structure, taking attendees through each stage in high detail, stepping through each component of the system and each stage of analysis. Participants can attend an individual module from 1 hour, or group modules together, making the training highly accessible and affordable for attendees to build their knowledge within their availability and budget.

With all Anthias courses, the chemistry of the sample and the analysis is considered at each step and demonstrates how this guides the end goal of the analysis. This detailed knowledge base helps feed into method development and also covers the maintenance and troubleshooting of instruments with confidence. 

Many of Anthias’ training courses are approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry for purposes of CPD, so attendees can not only be sure of high quality training but also adds a contribution to their formal professional development records.

Anthias has a calendar of scheduled courses taking place throughout 2023 at venues across the UK, as well as online in their Virtual Classroom – see upcoming dates.

Anthias Consulting’s Marketing Manager Alana Thompson said: 

“We’re delighted to connect with the HEaTED community. We have a common aim of supporting technical professionals to build their knowledge and skills and hope that this collaboration will help to connect HEaTED members with training opportunities available. We look forward to welcoming HEaTED members on to our training courses and sharing our knowledge to advance their professional development.”

Sarah Baggley, Operations and Engagement Manager for HEaTED said:

‘HEaTED are thrilled with our recent connection with Anthias Consulting. Technical staff play a critical role in organisations and their development is absolutely crucial. We recognise and advocate the importance of developing the skillset and training of technical staff, no matter their discipline or stage of their career. The comprehensive training that Anthias Consulting provides is going to be hugely beneficial to our members’ professional development.’

View the Anthias courses eligible for HEaTED discount.