CV and personal statement analysis

The team at HEaTED provide a CV and personal statement analysis as a membership benefit to technicians in member organisations.

If you’re looking to progress from your current role, apply for an internal role or even move roles entirely, an appropriate and well built CV can be imperative to your chances of success! We are also offering support around interview technique for those who need to perfect their interview skills, or simply require a little practice.

These services offer our expertise to support technicians in whatever their next steps are.

CV analysis and personal statement review

Any documents will be provided by yourself beforehand (details will be provided by the HEaTED team upon booking), and a 1:1 meeting will be booked with a HEaTED facilitator. The facilitator will review your CV, personal statement or similar. In the pre-booked, one to one meeting, the facilitator will comment on the standard of your provided documents with advice and suggestions to help enhance your progression.

Interview technique

For those who feel that they lack interview skills, could perfect their technique, or would benefit from additional practice, we are offering one to one sessions with a HEaTED facilitator. These sessions can be tailored to your needs, which will be assessed upon booking. 

Expression of interest