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Our courses are available as both Instructor led online and face-to-face onsite courses, and are offered at a discount rate for HEaTED members. We also offer further discounts to members through our course credits.

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Highlighted HEaTED courses

Technicians Stepping into Supervision and Management

Transition into supervision and management with skills, knowledge and confidence.

Mental health and wellbeing

How to Handle Conversations About Mental Health and Wellbeing

Gain the skills needed to effectively support students around their mental health and wellbeing.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence for Technicians

Learn how to read, respond and manage situations through the power of emotional intelligence.

Customer service

Customer Service for Technical Staff

To increase awareness and build essential skills in delivering excellent customer service in technical functions.

Teaching and learning skills

Teaching and Learning Skills for Technicians

Become equipped with tools to teach, demonstrate and contribute effectively to the student experience.

Leadership and management skills

Leadership and Management Skills for Technical Staff

Explore different theories of leadership & management alongside your own experiences in the workplace.

Supporting apprentices

Supporting Apprentices: A Guide for Technical Staff

Gain the essential skills to effectively support an apprentice in a technical environment.

Project planning

Project Planning Essentials for Technicians

Get practical insight into project planning, from project initiation to building project schedules.