HEaTED attends Leeds Technicians Week 

25 September 2023

Sam Hansford, HEaTED Operations and Engagement Manager, joins technical staff across the University of Leeds technical workforce for their week-long technical celebration! Explore the world of university technicians in our journey through the University of Leeds' Technicians Week. From championing CPD with HEaTED to technicians showcasing remarkable workspaces, discover how the event celebrated excellence and fostered professional growth in the technical landscape.

Celebrating Excellence: University of Leeds' Technicians Week

At the heart of all universities, there exists a team of dedicated professionals who often work behind the scenes, ensuring the smooth functioning of laboratories, studios, and facilities. These unsung heroes are none other than the university technicians. To honor their contributions and showcase their incredible work, the University of Leeds recently hosted a week-long technical celebration, aptly named Technicians Week. This event not only celebrated the invaluable work of these technicians but also provided them with opportunities for professional development and networking.

HEaTED: Championing Continuous Learning

Sam engaged with the university's technical staff, discussing the importance of continuous professional development (CPD) for technicians. The session provided insights into how these courses could benefit technicians in their careers. They learned about the various opportunities HEaTED offers to enhance their skills and knowledge, ultimately benefiting their institutions and students.

To give technicians a taste of what HEaTED has to offer, we also delivered two captivating taster sessions. These sessions allowed technicians to delve into the world of HEaTED's CPD, experiencing firsthand the technician-specific training available to them. 

Showcasing Remarkable Work and Facilities

Technicians Week at the University of Leeds was not solely about discussions and training opportunities. It was also an occasion for technicians to showcase their extraordinary work and offer tours of their state-of-the-art facilities. Some highlights included:

The Value of Events like Technicians Week

Events like Technicians Week are immensely valuable to technical staff, their teams, and the academic structures they support. They serve as a platform to recognize and appreciate the often-unvalued work of technicians. Furthermore, these events foster a sense of community among technicians and provide opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing. By hosting sessions about professional development, institutions like the University of Leeds underscore their commitment to nurturing the growth and expertise of their technical staff.