HEaTED Creative Practitioners Network join for networking event

15 May 2024

Creative Technicians from across the country joined for the HEaTED Creative Practitioners Network Event on May 9th, in collaboration with the Science Museum

Sam Hansford and Harriet Grant  from HEaTED were thrilled to welcome technicians to their first HCPN event of the year. The HEaTED Creative Practitioners Network was developed because it was noticed that those within the creative industries often felt excluded, underrepresented and had little to no opportunities for professional registration. We wanted to create a supportive network, run by technicians that caters to all specialties within the arts.

The event was a fantastic day for networking across institutions with attendees from 22 universities across the UK. 

"A huge thank you to all attendees and the Science Museum team for making our first in-person HCPN event a success! We had a fantastic time chatting with you all and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and activities provided by the Science Museum. We look forward to seeing you all at the next one!"

HEaTED event organisers.

Attendees enjoyed a variety of activity targeted at creative technicians and an array of development opportunities. 

Creative UK joined the event to discuss the sector and creative futures. 

Attendees enjoyed a taster session of our HEaTED course 'How to Make Yourself Transferable', followed by networking with the Science Museum team in the form of 'People Bingo'! 

The Science Museum team shared opportunities for creative technicians to get involved in the Technicians Live Programme. 

Finally, we were taken on a tour of the Technicians Gallery and spent the remaining evening in the Creates Lates event!

HEaTED aims to host more events for creative practitioners and your input to our plans is invaluable!